And then I remembered, I have a blog

I’d like to tell you a story about being disillusioned with sports, traveling the world and then realizing that nothing is better at bringing people together than sports, and probably beer.  But none of that happened.  Instead, I got a job, didn’t watch as much sports for a while and became complacent with what the blogs and media I read were saying.  No more.

That’s right, I’m back.  I visited Fanhouse today after a long period away.  I have been visiting Deadspin off and on.  And I must tell the truth. They ain’t what they used to be.  My answer to this is just talking aloud into the blogosphere so there will be something I want to read without having to look at boob shots which are now more normal on Deadspin since Will left.

Some updates while I was gone:

-Tom Brady and Gisele got married.  Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have yet to break up.  They might get married; I got this one all wrong.

-My ‘Canes are doing pretty well, if you believe standings and the miracle that is Erik Cole returning to his homeland.

-March Madness. Let’s be honest, this is the real reason why I came back, and I wonder why I waited so long. (For those of you keeping score at home, there are only three games left in the tournament).

-Turns out that Tiger Woods still has game.  Evidenced not just by his run yesterday at Bay Hill, but also the birth of his second child.

-Kentucky basketball as the drama queen. Typical. Although I disagree with Mariotti, b/c wouldn’t it be much worse to have no standards than high standards?

More on these topics as I get back into the swing of things.  I can’t make any promises I won’t leave again.


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