We’ll Call It…80s Day at the Ryder Cup

This was not the shabby Ryder Cup I thought it might be. By all accounts, it was a success, at least from the American perspective.  Louisville was an awesome host city (so I hear), the course looked beautiful and played tough, and Team USA prevailed (finally!). And Europe, well, I guess all good things must come to an end at some point….

As for my uniform critique, I think they decided to call Thursday 80s day, because of the giant graphic design trend on both teams.  A giant argyle pattern for the Americans and a funky cut off horizontal stripe graphic for the Europeans.  And by the way, that blue color (or pretty darn close) might be my favorite of all time.  It just looked totally 80s, which is not a bad thing. Compare:



On the Kentucky boys: Let’s be honest, they showed up and played their part. With the home team backing Kenny Perry and JB Holmes, I feel as if they could do no wrong.  Well played.

On hospitality: I think the President (?) of Celtic Manor, in Wales, where the next Ryder Cup will be held, said it best about our Southern hospitality.  Something about, he doesn’t know if the Welsh will be able to outdo the Kentucky hospitality because we have a penchant for never saying no. As in, saying no, but in a way that makes it sound like a “yes” and always with a smile on our faces.  I think that about sums up Southern hospitality, for better or worse.

On my (and America’s) new favorites: clearly, the big hit of the tournament was Boo Weekley.  Boooo was heard all weekend long, to the point that I had to explain to my non-golf friends that they weren’t booing him, that was his name.  There was that little snafu with Lee Westwood (who should’ve gone to Boo in the first place instead of to the press, but whatever), but in the end, he reigned it in and won over the crowd big time.  My personal new favorite is Anthony Kim.  Just look at that belt buckle. I think both Kim and Weekley signal a new generation of golfers who are kind of what Tiger was in the 90s when he first started winning on the PGA: exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still exciting golf that Tiger plays.  But he just doesn’t have the old fist pump-excited-quick Tiger walk like he used to. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with getting old.

On winning: well, at some point it had to happen. I’m glad it was in Kentucky, on home soil. I wonder if this makes Tiger have doubts about his ability to bolster a team? Cause let’s be honest, Ryder Cup Team + Zinger – Tiger = WIN BABY!


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