Do You Remember Bleeding Through Your Pants in 2001?

Roger and Debbie Clemens

No, that doesn’t have to do with hormonal women, it has to do with Roger Clemens testifying before Congress today. Seriously, a Congressman of the United States of America asked Roger Clemens if he bled through his pants in 2001. I don’t mean to dog on Congress or anything, but I’m sure these people we elected have more important things to take care of…like, say, this war in Iraq business, or trying to find Osama bin Landen, or Global Warming, or maybe even that whole mess Hurricane Katrina left behind that is still not cleaned up?

Is anyone really clambering for this information? If you are, seriously, tell me. Because I don’t care. I don’t care if Roger Clemens was bleeding through his pants during the middle of the World Series. I don’t care if McNamee lied to everyone in America (which apparently he did at one point or another because his story has switched more than Britney Spears’ personality). I would not care if you told me that every player in baseball has bent over in front of a trainer and got injected with bull semen. I get that it’s illegal, but smoking crack is illegal too and you don’t see crackheads parading before Congress on a daily basis.

I’ve already given my rant about the fact that I think steroid use is now ingrained in, at least, professional sports, so I’ll save you from that again.

I know a lot of people don’t like that thought, because it impinges on the “purity” of the game. Well, just ask Debbie Clemens (who got thrown under a bus, if you ask me), about the purity of the game as she got injected with HGH. Was that so she could look like the above picture? And if Roger Clemens “didn’t know anything about steroids” prior to this whole debacle, as he claims, then why did he get so upset about her using it?

Whatever the answer, the writers are back this week, and that means it’s about time to stop using Congress as a part in our new reality show about baseball…

PS. The level of grouchiness in this post may or may not have anything to do with the poor pathetic showing Kentucky had last night.


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