Or, Papa can you hear me?? Not all in the audience will get that reference but I think everyone will get the fact that Eli is in the Super Bowl (or they at least have a chance to play in the Super Bowl, according to Emmitt Smith), and Peyton is not. While the fact that Peyton is not playing in the Super Bowl restores the world order (i.e. him wrapping his hands around his neck), the fact that Eli is playing for the big ring throws it out of order again (i.e. him not wrapping his hands around his neck). In fact, I remarked in the fourth quarter that it looks like Eli was choking and then he went and did a number on my prediction.

Anyway, it looks as if Archie may have another reason to get on television and talk about his sons, because you know Peyton would throw up in his mouth if Archie happened perchance to not mention him in a television interview, no matter how many damn cute commercials he makes.

With that being said, I’m calling the Super Bowl for the Pats. This is even though now that I have said that, Tom Brady’s already apparently crippled foot will disintegrate, and given the fact that the Giants actually didn’t look bad against the Pats 4 weeks ago. I might even watch this Super Bowl this year, as opposed to last year’s engaging in illicit activities that The Canadian doesn’t like to talk about (juuust kidding!). Who knows?

And here’s another hockey brawl, because I don’t know what else to put here. Also, because it displays the overwhelming sportsmanship involved in hockey.


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