Not the Best Week Ever

I’ve decided to make “Not the Best Week Ever” a weekly feature, even at the cost of infringement on VH1 because of their original series with a slightly more upbeat name, because I like it. That’s all the reason LPS needs. So here we go…

Bob Knight gets win #900: I am clearly opposed to this development, but I suppose you can’t fight history. Anyway, the good news is that he did it with his usual class, insulting Texas Tech fans after the win. If you wanted a sold out show every game, Bobby, you shouldn’t have let that whole IU mess develop and get fired.

Golfweek made a no-no: Apparently, when there’s already a fracas about a racial issue in golf, the editors of Golfweek could not stand idly by and let what Tiger said be the last word. Even though, you know, he was the guy Tilghman was talking about. I get that you might want to open up some dialogue on the issue, which has largely been ignored by the upper hands of golf. But putting a noose on the cover of your magazine? When it’s been such a charged image in the last year alone? Well, that might’ve been a bad choice. Like milk.

Green Bay cancels Seinfeld: This amazes me, if only for the fact that Seinfeld has been like a train on an unending track since before it went into syndication. It’s a quiet conglomerate, easily outperforming that Bee movie he did. The other thing that amazes me is that Green Bay would go to such an extent to acknowledge Eli has a favorite show. That Eli might be good enough to beat Favre if only he had his precious Seinfeld? The good news, for Eli at least, is that Seinfeld is from New York and apparently supports the Giants bid for the Super Bowl. This almost certainly means the Giants will win the Super Bowl and Eli will steal Peyton’s thunder. That might be worth it.

Pacman loses his Pimpjuice: This is when you know your life, albeit still supported by a world class job and payroll, is on a downhill slope. Pacman Jones lost his sponsor, Pimpjuice. Now, I’m not one to judge the character of those who drink Pimpjuice, but they probably wish to have a certain, “pimp” air about them. And if you’ve been to strip clubs so many times, involving various incidents (whether they are reported with falsity or not), that these people no longer want to be associated with you, you might want to take up another hobby. I’m just sayin’. Now Pacman, please don’t come after me.


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