Canadian Sports, or, How Not to Approach LeBron James

LeBron James

In a continuation of the thrilling account of childhood adoption in foreign countries from yesterday (don’t go to Africa Brangelina, go to Canada – much easier), I will attempt to comment on the other game The Canadian and myself saw, namely a Raptors/Cavs basketball game.

While not a Canadian sport itself, the game had its location in the beautiful Air Canada Centre (that’s -re, not -er, thank you) in Toronto.   The main focus of the game was LeBron James, as was apparent during the 3 minutes after he came on the floor, when the camera for the Jumbotron was focused solely upon LeBron and no one else.  I mean, let’s not even pretend that anyone else is on the floor, shall we?   And although The Canadian and I had great seats for the Leafs game, we had a clear view of the Jumbotron and LeBron’s actions because we were at eye level with it.  Maybe even above it.  Nevertheless, the Raptors game was much more entertaining than the Leafs.  Seriously, get your act together TPC.

Despite the abundance of pyrotechnics, flying free shirts and LeBron coverage by Raptors media, the new #23 seemed rather bored with the game, even as Toronto (Toronto!!) gained a healthy lead over the Cavs.  There were shots missed and free throws that were thrown away and a general look that if he happened to have a double-double (which it looked as though he would), it would happen quietly (The Canadian said that, btw).  So, while he was still the best player on the court, it just wasn’t what one comes to expect when one goes to see LeBron, in Toronto or anywhere else.

Then apparently, LeBron was taunted by certain peoples who were near the court, which resulted in the King dropping 24 points in the fourth quarter alone.  And so repeated the cycle of defeat for any Toronto-based team.

Two things:  Toronto isn’t a bad team.  In fact, if there had been no LeBron, they would have won handily.  But that leads into the fact that the Cavs really are a bad team, and without LeBron they would have lost to the Raptors.

I guess I should add a third thing, that everyone knows, which is that the factor of LeBron into any equation means there is a potential for greatness.  But as The Canadian and I discussed, we are pretty sure that Michael Jordan didn’t rest on his laurels.  He worked to win every game.  And I don’t know if it’s the fact that LeBron is with the Cavs or if he’s just been handed everything to him his whole life by virtue of God-given talent, but if he really wants to take over that #23, he’s going to have to try a little bit harder.

Quote of the day: “Apparently in Raleigh, “wintry-mix” translates into “blizzard.”  What’s up with that?”


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