The Sutton Will Rise Again

This isn’t exactly breaking or exciting news, but Eddie Sutton will make a return to coaching to win his 800th game, taking over the San Francisco program mid-season.  And personally, this is not an event I would like to see happen.  If you didn’t know it, Eddie Sutton is kind of a bane to UK fans.  Seeing as how a little envelope sent to a UK recruit was filled with money and the scandal brought the program to, well, today’s records, a UK will not be excited to see Eddie Sutton walking down the street.

I guess I can’t hate on the guy too much, but what else would I do with my time? It’s pretty clear that he has some problems, from incidents both at UK and Oklahoma, but he did come up with a great record at the latter. And I guess if you just want that number, going for the 800 after years of working, and a rather poor exit, is not dishonorable.  But really, how would you feel, as a USF player, if you knew your coach was only coming in to get some sort of record, and then would be promptly leaving?

In other news, the Pats game will be simulcasted onto NBC and CBS.  Long live powerful lawmakers who don’t have NFL Network!

Tonight we have the Holiday Bowl, with Texas and Arizona State.  I call it slightly for Texas, because the entire team can do the the Soulja Boy (see below).  I don’t really think ASU can compete in the random-dance-of-the-year contest, and that translates to the scoreboard, clearly.

And nothing else is going on, because it’s a slow week, which is illustrated by the fact that I’m reporting on Eddie Sutton’s status.  Exactly.


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