Lots of Exciting Things Last Night

Besides the fact that my undergrad college lost last night in a crippling game that looked too much like UK, lots of exciting things were going on last night.

The Poinsettia Bowl: I always kind of think this should be closer to Christmas Day, but since it would be “wrong” to make “unpaid” players play on such an important holiday, I guess that won’t happen.  Anyway, if you didn’t see it coming, Utah won, 35-32. More importantly, bowl season is here!  What part of the year do you like better – Christmas, or Bowl Season??? Oh, wait…

Kobe vs. LeBron: They’ve played each other before, but it’s always fun to watch the Cavs, of all teams, beat the Lakers.  If you didn’t catch it, Cavs won 94-90.  That doesn’t sound so impressive, but LeBron did beat Kobe individually.  Now the question is: if Kobe starts getting better as he gets older (and yes, I do realize how good he is), do we need to start testing him for steroids?

Thursday Night Football:  Willie Parker broke his leg last night.  While not inherently an exciting thing, it did let Najeh Davenport step up and the Steelers beat the Rams 41-24. This has to make that whole Patriots/Jaguars thing feel a little better…except 2/3 of the NFL fanbase didn’t get to watch it.

And Terrell Owens calls out Jessica Simpson.  Again, I give this another week and a half, maybe until after the New Years Eve/holiday season is over.  If the girl can’t understand a) athletes are picky about their superstitions and yes, she totally did jinx Tony Romo; or b) a joke, this relationship isn’t going very far.  This is just my conjecture of course, which means they’ll probably be married in a couple of weeks.


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