What a J-Bucket

Bobby Petrino

I’m not one to commiserate with UofL fans after they’ve been screwed over by a coach who cut and run for the NFL, only to return to the NCAA for another team. I’m not really one to use the word “j-bucket” on a family friendly site (ok, who am I kidding, but still…). But after I contemplated using D-Bag in my title, I figured that J-Bucket was a better choice of word for Bobby Petrino. A J-Bucket is only in it for the instant gratification.

As it stands now, Petrino’s record is one of instant gratification. In today’s society, that might not sound like such a bad thing. But if you’re all in it for instant gratification, while lying, sneaking around and acting generally, by all a counts, like a jerk during the whole ordeal, then it is such a bad thing. Petrino lied to UofL fans, snuck around and tried to find other jobs within the NCAA. He’s interviewed with so many teams – Auburn, Notre Dame, LSU, the RAIDERS – that you might think he was a wandering bedouin. This is the same guy who wouldn’t release players who wanted to transfer out of UofL. In 2006, he signed a 10-year contract with a $1 million dollar buyout with UofL. Strangely enough though, when the NFL came a-callin’, he cut and ran.

Then, Michael Vick got arrested. Then, your new star quarterback was Joey Harrington. Then, you pretty much sucked at ordering around guys who get paid big bucks to entertain, but not to take orders like a military recruit from the coach, Petrino. So, it’s cut-and-run time again. And after the terrible season the Falcons have had on and off the field. I can’t say I’m surprised. However, if I was his wife, much less his new employer, I’d be worried about him running out again.

So, he’ll run off to Arkansas and be a good coach. He’s got an offense a “system” quarterback would love. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved again. It’s all about the instant gratification.

I think DeAngelo Hall puts it best here. And thanks for rubbing salt in the wounds Scott van Pelt…


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