Well, that didn’t go so well…

Yesterday I stopped watching the UK-IU game, for the obvious reason that UK got spanked. It was painful, and even a defeat of UofL earlier in the day by Dayton wasn’t enough to soothe that pain. Especially after last weekend, when we were not totally destroyed by UNC, I had hope that we would stand up to the Loosiers. But I guess I forgot that they no longer have Mike Davis as their coach, who seemed to have a perennial disease called shoot-my-mouth-off-about-beating-UK-then-lose-to-them-again. Right, these diseases are getting such long names these days.

Anyway, as an evaluation, the team didn’t look good at all. Maybe this whole Alex Legion thing has been a distraction, like Billy G. said it wouldn’t be. Also one thing that struck me as, well, just completely the wrong way to approach this game was when Billy G. was talking about this Legion thing and said, “You can’t play against a great team and you can’t ever become a great team if you have too many distractions.” Pardon me there, Bill Clyde, but announcing the “greatness” of a #15 team before the game is just not the right tactic. I think we all still have some adjusting to do…

Meanwhile, Bill Simmons was caught on camera attempting a half-court shot at an NBA game. Does this seem out of character to you? No? Right.


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