Will no one take Michigan?

Michigan Fans

When did the Michigan program become so bad that every coach who’s been approached has either flat out said no, or used it as a bargaining chip by which to get a better contract at his current school? Today it’s come out that Greg Shiano will be staying at Rutgers after having talked with the Wolverines. Les Miles started a ruckus when Michigan got permission to talk to him, then apparently didn’t actually talk to him, and then he boosted his contract payout until 2012. Ball State’s Brady Hoke has spoken with them, and I don’t really know how that’s going to turn out. Ball State? At this rate, Michigan is going to be knocking on Rich Brooks’ door some time soon, and that doesn’t even make any sense at all.

While the Motor City Bowl doesn’t elicit the fabulousness or panache of the BCS Championship, so to speak, it doesn’t mean the entire program is sh*thouse. Somebody, pick them up before they’re talking to my old high school’s football coach. Incidentally, this wouldn’t be a difficult transition because we’re the Wolverines too. However, we don’t so much have that history of winning thing going on…

Update: Legion says he wants to come back. Gillispie says they’ll “talk.” I say we’re going to have one hell of a depressing year. Clearly, this is all Tubby’s fault. Or, my mom’s because she brought a UofL sweater into our house to give as a Christmas gift last year. Either one…

I’ll leave you with the YouTube clip of the day. The Canadian and I are already working on our moves.


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