Dude, make up your mind…

This might not be the most highly profiled story of the last week, but it’s been poked at and is generally an entertaining one. Unless you’re a very confused Kentucky fan. It’s about Alex Legion, the Kentucky freshman who said he was transferring (probably back to his home state, Michigan), then said he might not, and now isn’t saying anything. And, you also might’ve heard a few things about his mother.

Legion’s indecision is like when I am trying to decide what to write my term papers about. He has the chance to go with something great (something with legacy, that can be built great again, anyway), and the waffling creates confusion which begets chaos. And this can only eventually mean he’ll be stuck writing about the Maatstricht Treaty and how it relates to the environment, wishing that he’d been writing about something that could potentially make him an NBA star with a large contract one day. Or something like that…

Anyway, this stuff has to stop. You’re not worth enough as a freshman for us to hang on your mother’s cell phone calls and have us worried if you’ll show up to practice or not. I understand that freshman year is a confusing time and that Lexington is…square…but if you don’t like it, don’t keep us hanging on. It will get old with the fans, and from what I know about him, Billy G will grow tired of it as well. On to other things….

I can think of a few jobs where violence is imbued in the process: boxing, wresting, muay thai and other UFC sorts of things, being a pimp or drug dealer…okay it’s a longer list than one would think. Still, if your primary job is to play a sport, you shouldn’t have to fear being sucker-punched and ending up a paraplegic. You also shouldn’t have to worry about your opponent’s boss telling them to sucker-punch you and end up breaking your vertebrae. This could lead into a larger rant I have about the problem with placing “bounties” on players’ heads (though I’m not against the fighting in general, don’t get me wrong), but I won’t go there, partly because the Debriefing today does a better job for me. Implicitly, I guess we should have realized that a coach might’ve had something to do with it. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t want to be a Kings’ player now if I knew my coach, Crawford, let his former player, Bertuzzi, get demonized by the media and public and did not say that he had any part in the ordeal.

Wow, I’ve kind of been a downer today. But you would too if you had been staring a computer screen writing about the European Union for eight hours every day. Ah, the life of procrastination. I’ll leave you with this.


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