What if the Patriots Lose to the Dolphins?

 tom and gisele tom and bridget

I threw this idea out last night after the game and I think that would be the only way I could accept a loss from the Patriots, or a win from the Dolphins for that matter. After last night, would that not be the only fitting way for this to end? It might also be the most unbelievable way for this season to play out, especially because the Pats are slated to play a much better Steelers team sooner than the Dolphins.

Still, I’m sure the’72s are going to have a sh*thouse get together this year if the Pats don’t go down. Did you see Don Shula last night?!  You would’ve thought his mere presence would be enough to jinx the Pats, but in the end the officials the Ravens screwed up his dreams.  The clock is ticking until the time when Bill Belichick joins the revered Shula.  (For all you Pats-haters out there, I probably just jinxed them, so be prepared to get happy). And by the way, it’s unbecoming to complain about officiating when you lost 30 yds for your team on a bad sportsmanship call.  That’s all I’m sayin’.

As for Tom Brady, apart from getting sacked for the first time this year, he’s one steady-handed fellow.  He doesn’t get paid the big bucks for nothin’.  Plus, his girlfriend is a super model who can afford to quit Victoria’s Secret and demand to be paid in Euros. It’s a win-win for him right now, I say.

Quote of the day: “Soooo, have all sports been reduced to the truth and accuracy of pro wrestling?”


2 responses to “What if the Patriots Lose to the Dolphins?

  1. hey everybody Tom Brady is so hot tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. oh my god tom brady is very sexy and beutiful but gisel too she’s beuriful women end sexy

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