Clusterf@*k to the BCS

Boise State Practice

That’s right, I’m copying off of the Stewart/Colbert shows again. It’s only because I wish this WGA thing would end so I could actually see some new stuff, instead of the same shows I watched this summer, the morning after they aired, while lying in bed. Anyway, I think that the term clusterf@*k pretty accurately defines what this BCS season has been.

A lot of people, in fact, are pretty upset about the BCS picks, which is understandable. But what fun would a playoff system be to argue about? Also, logistically, to me, it seems rather difficult to transport and house an average about 100 players (and coaches) for a drawn out playoff system. If you didn’t have a drawn out playoff system, and only picked four or so for a “tournament,” then people would still argue about which four should be in. Consider this year: would you put LSU-OSU-Hawaii-Georgia in? But then people would argue that two SEC teams are in the tournament. Then it has the potential to turn into an SEC Championship game (showing my bias here). If you’re not going with that option, then do you want OSU-USC-WVU-Mizzou? That doesn’t even make any sense on paper. It’s just not really a win-win at this point. Leave it alone. On to my thoughts on the bowl picks:

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: Kentucky-Florida State: Of course I had to start with this one, and of course I had to include the whole name. First of all, it’s a sponsor, kind of like the Allstate Sugar Bowl. And second of all, I like saying the name because sometimes I imitate 12-year-old boys. Not hang out with, just act like. Anyway, I like this match-up. It gives me and the rest of the BLUEgrass easy access to Nashville on NYE. It accurately places Kentucky into the SEC 6/7 position, and it gives Florida State a high enough bowl to kind of make up for a sh*thouse season. I know you’re going to say I’m biased, so I’ll throw in that it will also give Kentucky a chance to make up for its sh*thouse last five games. This will be a good matchup.

Allstate BCS Championship Game: OSU-LSU: I have been cheering for this one since the last game of the regular season. As I was perusing the Fanhouse today, I noticed that one post in particular was all riled up about the fact that Hawaii wasn’t in the BCS. One argument was that the SEC isn’t as strong as it says it is, and that no one will go out to play Hawaii to let it prove itself among equals. I’m sorry, but if Hawaii wants to prove itself to teams that have already made their mark, then its going to need a couple more years to get on the schedule. I’ll say right up that I’m a traditionalist and it’s obvious that I favor the SEC. But why should LSU or OSU or any top ten team have thought two years ago, you know, I think we should bring that Hawaii team to play us. They’re looking pretty good and they’ll be a tough test. They didn’t schedule Hawaii because two years ago, Hawaii lost (badly) to every ranked team it did play, including the then-#1 USC Trojans. Maybe next year there will be a pre-conference game between Hawaii and any of those top-ranked teams. But until then, stop whining about how terrible the BCS is, how weak the SEC and the Big Ten are, put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Go to a game and enjoy yourself.

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Hawaii-Georgia: I’m pretty sure that my rant above covers this. Let’s just let the Sugar Bowl decide where Hawaii’s place in the bowl pantheon should’ve been. If they kick Bulldog tail, I’ll come back and eat (some of) my words. Deal?

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma-West Virginia: This seems about right to me. Even though Oklahoma coach Maisel tried to point out that his team beat the #1 team in the nation this weekend in a conference championship game, it doesn’t mean all that much to me if that #1 team was Mizzou, which was an overinflated ranking anyway. And West Virginia, what can I say? I have a good friend who’s a WVU fan, and she kind of smeared one of those sh*thouse Kentucky losses in my face a few weeks ago. The Fiesta Bowl is nothing to smirch at, but when you were hoping for the BCS (which, incidentally, I believe would have been overinflated as well on their part), it’s not that great. After losing to Pitt in such a fantastically sad way though, I’m going to have to say that Fiesta was generous.

FedEx Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech-Kansas: Virginia Tech is a team I don’t know what to think about. The year has been strange, what with the shooting, and then one of their hallowed alumni, Michael Vick, besmirching his and the school’s record. This might be one of those who have fallen between the cracks of this clusterf@*k season, because I don’t even know what to think of this match-up. I just like saying orange bowl.

Chick-fil-A (Peach) Bowl: Clemson-Auburn: All I have to say is that this is going to be a great in-house game, if you can catch it.

Now that I’ve said all of my favorite foods in bowl form (except of course for the Bowl), I think I’m done with this little exercise. I’ve probably already pissed enough people off , but hey, that’s what happens in sports. Am I saying the BCS is perfect and completely unbiased? No. That’s what happens when money is involved. To be honest, are Hawaii’s fans going to travel in droves like LSU’s (with quasi-home field advantage) or OSU’s (with nothing-quasi-about-it craziness)? Probably not. Am I saying that this is something I want to see, that I like it, and that it’s as good football as we can produce? No, but the system has become this way for a reason, and that involves the fans. The games will be good, even great. After this clusterf@*k of a season, how can they disappoint? If you want to change the BCS (along with the myriad of problems emerging because of the growing similarities between college and pro football), then stop going to games, stop watching games and ignore the bowls completely. And have a great last week of the year watching Animal Planet’s Pet Star instead of some great football action.

PS. If anyone does a marriage proposal like the Boise State player last year, it’s not going to be quite as good. You gotta step it up boys, can’t do the same thing over again. Also, not good if you lose the game…

Quote of the day: “It’s like when one cheetah takes down a gazelle and the rest of the pack comes in and feasts.” – on the quickness with which Kentucky, and college football fans in general, snap up bowl tickets once they know where their teams are going


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