There is a Marathon

Blue Bombers

If you didn’t know it, Bill Simmons is having a Marathon Chat over at to benefit the Dickie V Foundation. I go back and forth about Bill sometimes. I’ve quoted him (which, by the way ladies, is a good way get a guy to try to pick you up…if you want that sort of guy). I have also made fun of him as many bloggers are wont to do. Either way, I do think he’s funny and his obsession with the Real World intrigues me, so I’ll be tuning in. You know, when I’m not writing this or my paper(s) that are due next week. Don’t judge my ADD.
Also, the Marathon Chat doesn’t really have anything to do with what I wanted to post about today. I meant to mention yesterday that Canada’s version of the Super Bowl was played this weekend between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. For those of you unfamiliar with the CFL and Canada in general, that is a city and a province, respectively. And I don’t know what to tell you about their monikers. Quite frankly, I’m unfamiliar with any reasons to why someone would need to be a “rough rider” in Saskatchewan, considering that it’s flatter than Kansas. That being said, the Rough Riders won the Grey Cup in a pretty epic battle. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch it. One, because I was on a plane and two, because the CFL has not reached into the void of the 21st century technology to bring me a live telecast over the internet (for free).

This, in my opinion, is a shame. If you haven’t ever caught a CFL game, it’s a bit refreshing compared to the NFL. First of all, it’s absolutely no frills. They call this “being Canadian.” Like, this summer when I was watching games (I was actually in Canada), the yellow line they put on tv to indicate the first down line is actually laid over the players. That’s Canadian. Apart from the fact that I don’t have to deal with endless Peyton Manning promotions and $10 beers, the CFL also offers slightly different rules, a bigger field, and more men on the field. Okay, so only one more man per team, but the bigger field is pretty cool.

My point is that for those of us who sometimes get tired of the NFL and its various rules trying to single out Ocho Cinco and people popping a cap in their players’ asses (or vice versa), the CFL can be a refreshing alternative. So if you’re ever in Windsor gambling from about June until November, try to catch a game on tv. And since the season just ended, it’s pretty futile of me to begin these arguments, because we all know that I’m going to forget to get back on my soap box when the season begins next year…

Disclaimer: The Canadian quoted yesterday is not “The Canadian” who commented on the infamous Hilary Duff post. Sorry for any confusion.

Also: this is hilarious. I’m telling you, Bob Knight is still like JoPa on steroids.  How does he still have a job?!?!  More importantly, is he giving Isiah tips on how to keep his job?

Quote of the day: “ESPN brought back Bo Knows?? Oh, those were the days. The early nineties, the pre-pubescent angst. Oh, Bo Knows football…Bo Knows baseball.” commenting on ESPN’s feature of Bo Jackson today. He looks a little different nowadays….


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