Tuesday Ramble

West Virginia and Louisville

I was going to set up a Monday Ramble, but incidentally class got in the way. Yes, I do actually go to class. This class is only once a week, how am I supposed to miss that??

First things first, the death of Redskins safety, Sean Taylor. This was especially surprising, at least to myself, considering the news that he had squeezed a nurse’s hand yesterday. Apparently, Taylor kept a machete in his bedroom for protection. And I guess all I can add to the conversation is really what everybody else has been saying: it’s a shame that a man, any man, has to keep a machete in his bedroom for protection. More importantly, it’s a terrible loss of not only a great football player, but also a great person.

And on to less depressing news. Last night might have been the most comical MNF I have ever seen. I think the icing on the cake was the last play by the Dolphins, which began to resemble the Trinity lateral play…until they didn’t score a touchdown off it. I don’t even know why they were playing, besides the fact that it just happened to be MNF. Quite frankly, it was not that exciting of a game, despite people sinking three feet into the ground under the weight of their three-hundred pound bodies.

Speaking of extra weight, I go back and forth about the Dolphins’ perfectly imperfect season. Sometimes I think it would be funny because the ’72 guys celebrate their perfect perfect season every year. But then other times I ask myself if they really care about today’s team? Probably not. So the best route to go is just to encourage the Patriots on to their soul-crushing victories. Now that I’ve said that though, the ’72 guys will probably be toasting this time next week.

This weekend, while I was still in Kentucky, my friends and I went to a place called Winchell’s and watched the UK basketball game (tragically comical), discussed how meaningless our lives have become now that we have graduated, and then watched Mizzou beat the pants off Kansas. And with that I have given up on this college football season. Can we get no one so dominant as Mizzou and West Virginia?? No offense, but the Big East is not a hotbed of tough football challenges. I guess I can give you the Big 12 because they have just as many tough teams as any other good conference. I am obviously biased toward the SEC, so you can make that excuse for me. Kind of like when people make excuses for Don King because he’s crazier than a bag of angel dust.

Also, check out this blog map from Ballhype.

Quote of the day: The Canadian, “Reed can’t miss this field goal. It’s twenty yards away.”

Me: “Excuse me? What happened this weekend.” Referring to Kentucky’s blocked kick.

The Canadian: “Right, sorry.”


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