You can’t win them all…

…or twenty-three in a row.  Due to an unforeseen fiasco yesterday, I was listening to the Kentucky-Tennessee game as I drove back and forth between my parents’ houses.  I’m going to tell you, I love to listen to games on the radio.  If there isn’t a television in sight, or even if I’m just driving down the road and a random game is on, nothing makes me happier.  That being said, listening to yesterday’s game absolutely drove me nuts.

I think Kentucky’s fate was sealed when the radio announcer was talking about a couple of players who were babies, sitting in the stadium at Knoxville the last time Kentucky beat Tennessee.  Further, that our kicker, Lones Seiber, has an infant son who was in attendance at the game yesterday.  This comment came right as Seiber was kicking for the win in the second overtime.  This son, the announcer said, would not only look back and say he was in the stands for Kentucky’s first win in twenty-three years, but also say that his dad kicked the winning field goal.  I knew right then that the ball was not going through the posts.  And it was blocked.

Two more overtimes later, Kentucky was left two points behind, with another loss.  We came back from a 13-point deficit in the first half to pushing it four overtimes.  And really, who can blame the guys for being completely exhausted after such a long game? My friends were exhausted and they were sitting in the stands.  We following along at home were exhausted too.  But we live to play another year and salute our seniors who won’t be returning.  This is what it feels like to be a Cats football fan.  Besides, there’s always the bowl…

Quote of the day:  “You know how we can only play for one of the halves? Well, I guess we can only play for one half of the season too…”


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