Let’s Chop Off that Rocky Top

Ashley Judd

Don’t get me wrong, I like the song (which Wikipedia told me is only one of Tennessee’s seven official songs…come on people, make up your mind. Incidentally, nothing beats My Old Kentucky Home, but I digress).  If you didn’t know, I am a UK fan and will be wearing the colors today, if I hadn’t left them in NC.  Never fear, plenty of my relatives have UK blue that I can borrow.  Thus, at 1:30 EST today, I will not only be chowing down on my second Thanksgiving meal, I will be tuning in to the Kentucky-Tennessee game.

Also, if you didn’t know, now thanks to Navy, Kentucky holds the country’s longest losing streak to a single team, Tennessee.  The last time Kentucky won was the year before I was born.  That’s why, this year, we’re clambering for the win.  It’s our best chance in a long while, what with the tragedy that was Hal Mumme, and other unspeakable times in that twenty-two years.

So while this might not be one of the top rivalries in the country, it’s kind of a big deal in the bluegrass.  The sad part is that it’s not quite such a big deal on Rocky Top.  And maybe that’s why we have a chance this year.

If you’re neutral in this fight, I want you to remember that Ashley Judd is a UK alum and thus the purveyor of countless photos at UK games where she is scantily clad. She also partook, as above, in the UK Hockey Team’s annual poster schedule.

Quote of the day: “LSU!!! Whattt? There is no number one! What have you done you crazy old BCS men?!” The chaos that ensued after yesterday’s upset of LSU to Arkansas. This year has made no sense.


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