Extreme Sports!

Rocket Luge

I don’t know about you folks following along at home, but I’ve worked “Black Friday” at both a lotions/fragrances/spa store and a sporting good store. And even though I happen to be a female, there is no chance I am going out today in that madness.  Besides, I am still in a turkey coma.  If I described the deliciousness that was the turkey my brother made, you would be too.

I feel like Extreme Sports should always be followed with an exclamation point, kind of like the E! network.  I guess they’re more often called Action Sports now (at least that’s what they are on ESPN.com).  They do still call the X Games Xtreme, and that includes everything from skateboarding to BMX to Moto X.  For those of you not up on your “X” lingo, Moto X is Motocross.  Anyway, I was out on Tuesday and one of my good friends, Ben, started talking about rockets and the Extreme Sports!  Now there are a lot of things I don’t know about Extreme Sports! and thus am not including here.  But don’t ask me how but we came to the conclusion, but we think that these days, Extreme Sports! can only be called so if rockets are attached at some point.

Give me rocket-powered sports and I can call them extreme.  Right now, watching Ryan Sheckler board on MTV is just not extreme enough. We need to have the generation that forged boarding in swimming pools in California rise anew and start luging with rockets (see above).  If you’re literally not willing to risk a limb, these sports aren’t for you.  So yes, I agree with a move toward “Action Sports,” and the rise of the rocket.

Think about it.  The action sports could move to the Olympics and compete legitimately (like snowboarding, etc, today).  The extreme sports could take up X Games and I know people would be willing to watching that.  A guy with rockets attached to his roller blades?? Can’t miss.

Quote of the day: “The best part about it is that Marion Jones NEVER failed a drug test. Not once.” Maybe all we can hope for these days is athletes who are at least willing to admit they do performance enhancement drugs?


2 responses to “Extreme Sports!

  1. I’ve never been prouder!! Other little doosies i’ve been working on:
    rocket bobsled
    rocket marathon (no more four hour races)
    rocket UPHILL skiing
    and rocket rocket (this one includes using a rocket to launch another rocket)

  2. I love that! “Extreme sports” should definitely have an exclamation point after it. And it seems so much more relevant than the one after E! entertainment. 🙂

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