In honor of the Thanksgiving, I’m displaying this lovely picture of a turkey.  I think the president pardoned him one year and he’s apparently flourished.  Now this will get all the Dookies on me for being a hater, but really, I am.  Anyway, Deadspin already covered it a bit this morning so I thought I would join in.

If you didn’t know, part of the lovely tradition of tomorrow’s holiday is that there is a little bit of football.  So make your picks soon and just sit back and eat some turkey and mashed potatoes.  Maybe the football coverage will preclude any Isiah Thomas coverage for kicking his team out of practice, or throwing shoes, wishing more female dogs worked in his corporation, or whatever he’s doing nowadays.  He’s definitely one turkey I can do without.

But I can’t do without the one my brother’s making tomorrow (wine stuffed?), so I think I’ll be taking the day off.  Happy Thanksgiving errrbody!


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