About those jerseys…

It’s come to my attention that the NHL does in fact sell those pink girlie jerseys. Although I must say that they are not very attractive, in my opinion. I was operating under the assumption that because I hadn’t really seen them at Canes games, they were nonexistent. You know what they say about assumptions.

I’ve been traveling about today, back in the Bluegrass for that glorious Thanksgiving holiday. At present, I’m watching two of my favorite children. They are not my own but are my niece and nephew, and they happen to be the best birth control that money can’t buy.

Since this post has to be relevant to sports in more than just me answering to a fallacy I’ve committed, I will mention that the first thing my nephew showed me upon my arrival was a picture of him, his father, and a ten-point buck (dead, if you didn’t get that gist). Hunting is on the Outdoor Channel, and yes, I do consider it a sport. It involves some major concentration, which I myself can compare to what it takes to play golf. It might not take the obvious physical exertion that other sports take, but you hang out in a tree stand for a while and see how you like it. Anyway, I’m not on a rant to try to convince you, I’m just trying to fill up some space. So we can switch topics.

Michael Vick went to jail today. Turned himself in, rather. And now, the kids and the two dogs and the two parents are becoming too difficult to ignore. It’s going to be like this for the next couple of days, so don’t expect the brilliance of yesterday’s post, as flawed as it was, any time soon. Or ever.


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