I don’t actually get to watch much football…

As I sit in the library, again, I am watching my football picks go down faster than the girl in Gucci Mane’s recent remix. This is not a good week for me. I think I peaked in week 8. But didn’t we all? Especially that damn Indianapolis. Anyway, even if I can’t maximize my ADD powers and watch all the games at once, I can indeed maximize my powers of procrastination and post on the blog. The life of a student. You win some, you lose some.

The college rundown this week does not involve as much excitement as we’ve seen in recent weeks. In fact, no one was upset, and Florida played Florida Atlantic, which is as close to a pre-season basketball exhibition game as one can get when playing in the SEC in mid-November. The closest upset was Vandy, losing by only a point to Tennesee. I think this is a testament to the growing parity in the SEC, as well as puts a chink in the Volunteers’ armor for the UK game next week.

I suppose that technically you could call BC taking Clemson down an upset but really, when the teams are that close, there’s no need to get too excited.

Perhaps when I said no upsets I spoke too soon, as there was the obvious win by Texas Tech over #4 Oklahoma. The basic fact about this one, however, is that when Sam Bradford had a concussion early on in the game, it wasn’t going to be your normal Sooners out there any more. I will give a tip of the hat to Graham Harrell and the Red Raiders in general for acting like a team, as opposed to the Sooners, who had personal fouls and the like called against them from the outset. I didn’t really consider the Sooners as contenders in the fight for the BCS, however, and so hopefully their new #9 ranking doesn’t break too many hearts.

In other news, the Houston Dynamo just won the MLS championships. Is it telling that I didn’t know this game was playing until this morning? I can keep up with your run of the mill EPL, but when it comes to the MLS my mind falls asleep faster than when I’m sitting in my Wednesday morning class. Also, in other page-turning events, a Canadian won the Honda MVP award. At least if you want to try to get American interest, put the MVP in the hands of an American. Or Posh. Either one works.

Now that I’ve procrastinated as long as possible, I’m off for some pre-Thanksgiving candied yams. You stay classy, Raleigh.


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