Mi Manifesto

What better time to start this blog than during the middle of College Football Day in America? None, other. Especially as I am in a library, tepidly clicking the update button on my browser to get scoreboard updates and watching one game on Yahoo! The Yahoo! gamecasts, by the way, are brilliant. At the moment I’m being a little too equal to the treatment of all college football, so I’ll start in on mi manifesto.

I’m a grad student out of Raleigh, NC, transplanted from the Bluegrass State. This means that I am an avid, one could say fervent fan of the University of Kentucky. This illness will more than likely be explored in future ramblings. For the record, it is my goal not to set foot in Durham and/or Duke while I am in Raleigh. This will be difficult, as there is a giant mall in Durham, apparently. I played Division III women’s golf in college. That is about as exciting as it sounds, and no, I’m not one of those women who insists that men watch women’s sports for equality. I am one of those women who insists that women get a fair chance to play the games they love, just like men. However, I’m realistic about the expectations of such a request.

I believe all sports fans should be able to go to pro or college games and not have to fork over $50 a pop. Even $25. Unfortunately, paying Kobe Bryant requires $10 only in the nosebleed section on game day and/or on college night. In the spirit of sportsmanship, I also believe every fan should be free to wear his or her team of choice without threat of violence or having their scrotum ripped open. Not having a scrotum, I don’t know how that would feel but nevertheless, no man should endure this pain because of his love for his team. Finally, I will admit to watching just about any sport shown on television, whether it be a Strongman competition at 3 pm on ESPN2, Ultimate Fighting on your favorite channel and mine, Spike, or even just your regular season hockey game, seen on no one’s favorite channel, Versus. I will adjust my blog posts according to this random assortment of sports.


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